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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kick Start Eating Plan

As I have said Skinny Loves Food is not a quick fix. It will not help you to drop a couple of pounds by the weekend. 

This is not a diet – I repeat – THIS IS NOT A DIET!!!!!

These are ideas to slowly and consistently help you re adjust your diet to an all over healthier way of life.
Here are some healthy, low fat, high fibre meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Use these suggestions to get you started and feel free to ask me any queries aboout ideas and suggestions you may have. 

The basic concept these options follow is lots of high fibre, wholegrain carbs, lean protein, low saturated fat, reduced sugar and salt, lots of fruit and vegetables and drinking lots of water.

o 30g serving of all bran/porridge, slim line milk , banana
o 1 weetabix, slim line milk, piece of fruit
o Smoothie ( 1 banana, handful of frozen raspberries, ½ tsp honey, 100g 0% fat natural yoghurt & handful of ice cubes or 100ml cold water) & 1 slice wholemeal bread and low fat spread
o Poached or boiled medium egg on slice of wholemeal toast with low fat spread
o 2 slices wholegrain calorie control bread (Nimble/Better for You/Weightwatcher) / 1 slice wheaten bread (soda bread/McCambridges etc) & 2 grilled lean bacon medallions.

o 1 slice wholemeal bread topped with Mediterranean Tuna Salad
o Food Dr. Wholemeal Pitta (or a low fat variety) filled with coronation chicken or chicken salad  ( 1 dsp extra light mayo, tomato, mixed leaves, red onion, 1 easi single and 2 chicken mini fillets (75g chicken)
o Toasted special – 2 slices calorie controlled bread . ( Dunnes “Better For You” is my favourite or Hovis Nimble), ballymaloe jalapeno relish, sliced tomato, 1 low fat easi-single, 1 slice crumbed ham.
o Roast sweet red pepper stuffed with bulgar wheat salad, topped with 20g goats cheese
o Bowl of vegetable soup & 1 slice of wholemeal bread with 1 tbsp low fat spread

o Low fat Seafood pie
o Low fat Carbonara
o Low fat turkey meatballs with whole-wheat spaghetti
o Salmon fillet on a bed of spinach with a creamy prawn and dill sauce
o Chicken & Broccoli Bake

o Fruit ( apple, 2 mandarins/tinned mandarins, kiwis,
o Pot of low fat yoghurt (see recipe)
o Melba toast crackers, 2 extra light laughing cow cheese spread, sliced tomato
o Handful (10 ish) cashew or pistachio nuts
o Handful of posh pop-corn

P.S Please I would love for you to post any ideas or great suggestions that work for you.

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