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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting Started

Ok to get started on your Skinny Buzz heres a little suggestion for some of the foods you should banish from your cupboard. Following on from that I have trawled the supermarkets to find the best tasting brands of low fat, high protein, high fibre foods. So now there is nothing left to do but SHOP!!!!

Get Rid Of :
Real butter
Sunflower oil
Full fat/low fat milk
Full fat yoghurts
All your cheeses
French stick/bagels/croissants

Stock up on :

Better for You Bread - wholegrain, granary
Hellemans - extra light mayo
Philadelphia extra light cream cheese
Dunnes fresh pesto
Connaught Gold low fat spread
Skimmed milk
70g tinned tuna in brine
Activa virtually fat free yoghurt
Ballymaloe country/jalapeno relish
Sugar free jelly

Breakfast muffins - wholegrain
Be Light bacon medallions
Turkey mince
Turkey breast
Be Light ham slices
Chicken mini fillets
Low fat easi - singles
Eggs - free range / organic
0% / fat free natural yoghurt
Brown rice
Lemon sole lightly dusted fillets
Frozen prawns

Jarred roast red pepper
Organic fruit & veg
Flavoured water ( same as M&S but about 1/3 of the price)

Cathedral Light Mature Cheddar Cheese ( no comparison to Low Low / Dubliner Light etc)
Food Doctor - multi-grain and seed Pittas ( higher nutritional content but will keep you feeling fuller for so much longer than other brands)
Sugar free beans
Melba toast crackers
Bulgur Wheat

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